Chinglish City

Many years ago, before borders between countries existed, people lived in two separate communities. The people from the far East lived in an area known as Chinatown while the people from the far West lived in an area known as the old West.

The residents of Chinatown and the old West formed communities that were independent. They seldom interacted. The languages the people in these communities used to communicate had nothing in common. The language the Eastern people used was called Chinese, whereas the language the Western people used was called English. There was a huge cultural divide between these two communities.

All this changed when a dragon, KeKe (可可) caused an earthquake that destroyed a gigantic area, leaving most people without food, water or shelter. A state-of-emergency was declared. The leaders from both communities quickly realized that individually, each lacked the requisite manpower and resources to take on such a herculean task. It became obvious that the only way for each to achieve its objective was by trading, doing business, and cooperating with the other community. This would provide the necessary trust, human resources, materials, and tools needed to build a Chinglish City. 

The first thing they did was to develop a platform where communication was transparent and where one language or culture would not be dominant over the other. They called this virtual place